Royal Men of England
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Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Phillip, The Duke of York, and Prince Edward
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  • Don't most royal marry into their own family? They are inbreeding. That's why Charles looks like that.
    Comment by Samantha P.

    Prince William looks like a cute guy I knew in High School named Alex. That's the only reason I like him. I wish Prince William was my friend from school.
    Comment by Joy

    My favorite royal is Prince William. I think it is sad he lost his mom Diana. He's a pretty boy. You could put him on your pretty boys page.
    Comment by Jennifer

    Oscar: I think all royal family are cool because they have SO MANY MANSIONS that is the greatest thing.

    Joy: Hey now I think prince william is hot. he don't look nothing like his dad. Thank God

    I did hear that Queen Elizabeth's Husband Prince Phillip is her cousin. I think a lot of the royals did that in the old days, but I don't think to many of them are doing that anymore.
    Comment by Ann Stewart